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World's First
Oxygen Water with Clinical Studies

A Natural Immune Booster in Clean and Delicious Liquid Form

A holistic approach to wellness backed by years of science

KAQUN Water has Been Clinically Proven to


Here at KAQUN, our business activities are based on the spirit of family and traditions. We are extremely proud that over the years KAQUN has become a global brand. We believe that KAQUN has built the foundation for a lively future.
What KAQUN products and services offer is the outcome of years of engineering and scientific work. With the help of our unique technology, we offer the world's first scientifically proven oxygen-rich product line within the industry.
Beyond all, KAQUN represents a global community with over 10.000 satisfied customers who are diverse by nature but united by one common goal: A QUALITY LIFE.


Water and oxygen are regularly thought to be a standout among the most important resources on our planet. Taking a look at water, you may believe that it is one of the most basic things around, however, there are several measurable properties that differentiate regular water from the highest quality.


  • Temperature
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Partial Pressure of Oxygen

Tap water

  • 22°C/71°F
  • 32-45%
  • 3.30-7 mg/l
  • 30-35 mmHg


  • 22°C/71°F
  • 92-99%
  • 7.5 mg/l
  • 140-150 mmHg


Temperature impacts both the chemical and biological characteristics of water. As the volume of water changes so does its oxygen level. In general, the colder water is, the more oxygen it can hold. What makes KAQUN water unique is that it can hold its  high oxygen content even at higher temperatures.

Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved oxygen or oxygen saturation is a relative measure of the concentration of oxygen that is dissolved or carried in water at a given medium. Dissolved oxygen is one of the most important indicators of water quality as it is essential for life. KAQUN drinking water has a dissolved oxygen content of 16-18.5 mg / l, which is many times that of air and most drinking water.

Partial Pressure of Oxygen

The level of partial pressure shows how much oxygen can be dissolved in the blood and how well oxygen is able to move from the airspace of the lungs into the blood. The partial pressure of oxygen in KAQUN water is between 400-500 mmHg, which is 10-15 times more than in a regular drinking water.

Our Products
DO NOT Contain:

Chemicals, toxic materials, flavourings or any oxygen from an external source.

Planting Trees Across The World


We are happy to announce that we have partnered with One Tree Planted to support their great cause of planting trees. Sustainable development entails seeking out solutions that not only boost the economic outcome of developing and poorer nations, but also working to limit our impact on the planet.

Trees are one such solution! 



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